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ttacker Kills one and injures two in Paris, In a tragic incident that unfolded on a central Paris street near the iconic Eiffel Tower, a man lost his life, while two others, including a British citizen, sustained injuries in a harrowing knife and hammer attack.

The unsettling event transpired shortly before 21:00 local time on a Saturday. Authorities swiftly apprehended a 26-year-old French national, previously known to security services, and initiated an anti-terrorism investigation. The victim, identified as a German national, was fatally stabbed on Quai de Grenelle while accompanying his wife. Her life was fortuitously saved by the timely intervention of a courageous taxi driver. The assailant, evading capture, fled across a nearby bridge spanning the River Seine.

The attacker, brandishing a knife and a hammer, continued his rampage, assaulting two additional individuals, one of whom suffered a hammer blow to the eye. Prompt police intervention included the use of a Taser, resulting in the arrest of the suspect on charges of premeditated murder (assassination) and attempted assassination in connection with a terrorist enterprise. Emergency services attended to the injured, a Frenchman around 60 years old and a British tourist, ensuring their conditions were not life-threatening.

Expressing concern for the victims and condemning the act, UK Foreign Office officials confirmed their support for the injured British national. The suspect, previously incarcerated for planning an attack in 2016, had spent four years in prison and was under the watchful eye of French security services due to his history. Notably, the individual grappled with psychiatric disorders, adding complexity to the unfolding investigation.

On the digital platform X (formerly Twitter), President Emmanuel Macron conveyed his sympathies to those impacted by what he termed a “terrorist attack.” He expressed gratitude to the emergency services for their swift response and announced that the national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office would take charge of the investigation to ensure justice in the name of the French people. This unsettling incident occurs in the backdrop of heightened national security concerns, 

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